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Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development (Programmer to Programmer)
Publisher: Wrox
Authors: Rod Johnson
Rating: 5/5
Customer opinion - 5 stars out of 5
Simply Amazing

Even though this book is named "J2EE design and development", it seems to be much more than that. This seems to be the book in which the author attempted to put, in a crystallized form, most of his expertise not just in J2EE (that would be trivial), but in programming and (particularly) architecture in general. Given that the author is a true expert in the field (this is clear after reading just a few pages), this book has a value beyond anything I can express here in my words. I learned from this book more than from any other book on programming and architecture, with a possible exception of GOF "Design Patterns" classics.
No other book on web programming that I know of comes even close to this one. Some noteworthy features:-- Always framework-oriented approach (which in my view is the only possible choice for real-world projects)-- Heavy emphasis on architectural side of web development (follows from the previous point)-- Comparison of different view technologies from practical point of view, w/o exclusively subscribing to a particular one which seems popular (like, JSP).-- Excellent coverage of MVC paradigm, again, w/o subscribing to a particlar implementation (like Struts, etc)-- Extensive coverage of all levels ("tiers") of a web application.
But what really shines, are the insights on architecture, namely the things which is impossible to find out by theoretically studying J2EE specifications and books such as "Enterprise Java Beans" and the like. For example, why Entity EJBs don't work. Or when is collocated EJB architecture is more appropriate than the distributed one, and why. After reading the book, many concepts just clear up. Not to say that everything is written in a clear and concise language (despite a few typographical errors that Wrox books are notorious for).
In short, this book is simply amazing.

Product: Book - Hardcover
Title: 3D Game Engine Design : A Practical Approach to Real-Time Computer Graphics
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Authors: David H. Eberly
Rating: 4/5
Customer opinion - 4 stars out of 5
Good, but not what you might expect

I read this a few years ago, and have referred back to it many times, but I only recently realized that I neglected to write a review of it.

This book is well-written and contains a lot of useful information. The author is one of the few people qualified to write a book of this nature, and he has done an admirable job. That said, the title is pretty misleading, since the book has very little to say about the design of a game engine. Instead, it focuses on implementation details and the math involved with them. Topics covered include geometrical methods, the graphics pipeline, tree-based scene graphics, intersections, collision detection, curves and surfaces, animation, terrain, spatial sorting (quad/octrees, portals, BSPs), special effects, object-oriented infrastructure, and numerical methods. The author doesn't gloss over anything, providing detailed mathematical derivations of how things work.

Unfortunately, the math is so heavy that unless you're already pretty familiar with the subject matter, you'll probably have a hard time with the book. Therefore, I think that the target audience is much smaller that the group that would be attracted by the title.

If you're involved in game engine development or just want to deepen your knowledge, I think you'll appreciate the fact that the author doesn't pull any punches. Otherwise, you'll probably be more interested in the author's new book 3D Game Engine Architecture, which was recently released.

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Java Servlet Programming, 2nd Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly
Authors: Jason Hunter
Rating: 3/5
Customer opinion - 3 stars out of 5
Servlet Beginners

Hello Friends,
This is a very nice and simple book for servlet beginners. Actually with out knowing any server technologies, I read this book. But I feel this is a good book to begin servlets and anybody can reach upto intermediate level.
For advanced user, this is not that worth.
A good book from O'Relly People.

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Head First Design Patterns
Publisher: O'Reilly
Authors: Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra
Rating: 5/5
Customer opinion - 5 stars out of 5
Trouble with GoF? Read this first.

As another reader said, GoF is the best book on patterns. Sure. It is THE book. And if you can pick it up off the shelf without knowing anything about patterns to begin with, and read more than a chapter without falling asleep, my hat's off to you. If you are a normal human being though, this is the book you want to start with. Head First will get you up and running, and understanding what patterns are, and actually get you excited about using them. When you finish this, GoF might not be so painful.