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Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Introductory Statistics with R
Publisher: Springer
Authors: Peter Dalgaard
Rating: 5/5
Customer opinion - 5 stars out of 5
Good starter for R

I found this book very readable and a great reference for getting started with R. I was quickly able to run various tests from chi-square to logistic regression using this guide. I would agree that this would not be good for someone familiar with R, which is why it's called "Introductory". It also serves as a handy reference, providing easy look-up for how to accomplish various common (and some not so common) statistical tests.

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Information Architecture for the World Wide Web: Designing Large-Scale Web Sites
Publisher: O'Reilly
Authors: Louis Rosenfeld, Peter Morville
Rating: 4/5
Customer opinion - 4 stars out of 5
Great Management Book

There are more advanced books for explaining information architecture to someone looking to actually design information systems for the web, but there are few better books for explaining to a manager the value of IA for an organization. The first half of the book seeks to explain the difference good and bad design can have on a user's experience in finding information. Although the examples are at times more cerebral (compared to Jakob Nielsen's Designing Web Usability, who picks websites and suggests how navigation and organization could be changed for a better user experience) the book's value comes from effectively communicating the design vocabulary necessary for an information designer to communicate his or her vision to management.

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Sams Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days (2nd Edition)
Publisher: Sams
Authors: Laura Lemay, Richard Colburn, Robert Kiesling
Rating: 4/5
Customer opinion - 4 stars out of 5
Good book, but typos annoying.

I thought this was a good book if you are wanting the basics of the language itself, but not wanting to delve very deep. I found that there were MANY typos (at least in the first edition of the book) in the text and examples that proved to be somewhat annoying. Overall, it served its purpose.

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Effective Java Programming Language Guide
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Authors: Joshua Bloch
Rating: 4/5
Customer opinion - 4 stars out of 5
The Missing Link

Joshua does a great job in giving advice on what features to use and avoid and when to do so. Although some recommendations seem to be based upon "style" at first blush, the author backs up his assertions with sound reasoning. If there are tradeoff-s to be made, the reader is given the trade space. I am recommending this book to all Java engineers on our staff.