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Product: Book - Hardcover
Title: Programming Windows With MFC
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Authors: Jeff Prosise
Rating: 5/5
Customer opinion - 5 stars out of 5
Try building 2D games using this book.

WSU Virtual Worlds: I teach a 2D (gdi and directx) and 3D (direct3d) university graphics class. Most students taking the class have a strong background in c/c++. C++ students are familar using stream I/O for input and output to their applications, and find MFC VC+ input methods new. MFC Visual c++ is a tool, designed to simplify and reduce Windows 32 api programming. It is a wizard driven tool. Object Oriented class wrap windows functionality within template classes. Tool wizards provide access to object methods and attributes. The class wizard controls attributes and methods for the application, mainframe, view, and document. MFC Visual C++ has numereous other class, such as, winsocket, threads, and filedialog; controls have MFC class definitions that can be generated.
MFC Visual C++ wizards direct api message maps designed to manipulate form events: window creation, destruction, timer events, scrollbar events, and more.
MFC Visual C++ wizards direct api message maps designed to manipulate input from the mouse movement, click, and state. The class wizard can be used to capture Keyboard keystrokes.
Back to the class, In the first part, students are given an assignments to create a 2D game using MFC VC++. The game must have menu items, keyboard and mouse input, and GDI objects: polygons, lines, circles,brushes, pens, and arches. Background sound is added to the game. OCX controls such as the animation control allow AVI movies to be played in the application. Step by step instruction can be given in mass to a large group of students. MFC VC++ program is different not impossible. Game application parameters are input using popup dialog dialogs that contain listboxes, textboxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, and slider controls. Using DDE information is passed between the dialog and the form.
Moving to a new level of development. More advance knowledge of the Windows api is required as students learn how to program direct3D. Students are exposed more to the windows 32 api set as they work more within the windows architecture of directX 8.0 api's. Solid understanding of data types, pointers, and structures is required. A solid understanding of the win apis is required. DirectX has over 5,000 lines of api calls. Understanding each initialization sequence requires a very solid understand of the win 32 api, hardware architecture, and application MFC objects. 3D programmers are the world's best MFC VC++ programmers.
My advice is to use this book to get started programming simple 2D games. Build your confidence using MFC Visual C++ wizards and then move into robust and rigorous win32 api 3D programming. This book has all the building blocks to create 2D games and other applications.

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Practical Statecharts in C/C++: Quantum Programming for Embedded Systems with CDROM
Publisher: CMP Books
Authors: Miro Samek
Rating: 5/5
Customer opinion - 5 stars out of 5
Excellent book on Embedded Framework

I want to congratulate Miro Samek for his book.
The book is well structured. The UML Statecharts are well introduced. The Actives Objects approach and the related Framework are very attractive. With the Framework (QF) for embedded real-time systems included, you are really able to use it for your application. You can then focus on your application objects and no more on the "glue" around them. You have a common strategy for all your applications.
The best book on UML for embedded system from a long time.

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Java 2: The Complete Reference, Fifth Edition
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Authors: Herbert Schildt
Rating: 5/5
Customer opinion - 5 stars out of 5
Sexy book, A must read for novices..

I am fully satisfied by this book. As far as other Java books are concerned, they all cover good oops fundas; fine no problems; but when the things come to, how to code, then we get stuck up. This book covers in brief the oops fundas with good examples about how the fundas are actually coded. If you know C & are well conversant with programming then this book is just sexy to understand Java. I would suggest after reading this book one should go for "Thinking in Java". This 2 will make ur fundas & programming just ultimate.

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: C Programming Language (2nd Edition)
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Authors: Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis Ritchie, Dennis M. Ritchie
Rating: 5/5
Customer opinion - 5 stars out of 5
Best EVER, in ANY Language (not just programming language!)

I had been coding in Pascal before, but I felt like I only started to understand what programming is all about when I studied this book. If you agree that simplicity is senior to complexity and that aesthetics and software engineering are related then you will love it! I wish I knew a similar book for object oriented programming.