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Product: Book - Paperback
Title: PHP and MySQL Web Development (3rd Edition) (Developer's Library)
Publisher: Sams
Authors: Luke Welling, Laura Thomson
Rating: 4/5
Customer opinion - 4 stars out of 5
Good Resource

This book starts off in a detailed description of PHP coding and sends the reader into a project instantly. The first project is simple and useful, utilizing the basic PHP commands for storing and retrieving data. The source code in the book is awesome, it shows many examples of coding, most of which is used on many websites.The few problems I have with the book are in the later chapters. I felt that while this book does teach the basics, when it jumps into the "advanced" section the authors really didnt explain the steps in enough detail for beginners.The things I like about the book is that it covers Php sessions, working with the file system directly, Ftp uploads, user authorization, and it even shows you how to make your own email page using PHP.MySql is lightly covered in the book; it does not go into "high" detail with MySql but it does cover the basic commands such as create database, use database, create table, insert commands, and some basic authentication processes.In the appendix it also has Apache, MySql, Php tutorials to help you set up your own little webserver. Overall I would hand this book to anyone who wants to learn PHP & MySql the proper way.-us3rX-

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Authors: Andrew Koenig, Barbara E. Moo
Rating: 5/5
Customer opinion - 5 stars out of 5
the painless way to learn C++ and STL

I've not finished reading the book, yet, but I can't help singing praise of it. The book starts with a "Hello, World" program, but very quickly ventures into the depth of the C++ language and applications of its standard library. It's a quick and easy read for the first few chapters, but one has to slow down a little bit starting around chapters 6 and 7. The examples given and explained in the book are sophisticated, very well structured, masterfully done, and thus of great practical value; one should be able to use and expand those ideas in his professional projects. I'm extremely happy that I bought this book.

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Multimedia for Learning: Methods and Development (3rd Edition)
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Authors: Stephen M. Alessi, Stanley R. Trollip
Rating: 5/5
Customer opinion - 5 stars out of 5
The First Book on My Reading List!

If I could only put one multimedia learning book on my bookshelf, this would be it. The "General Principles" section provides one of the best overviews I've read of Behavioral, Cognitive, and Constructivist approaches to learning (although I do think they misrepresent the Instructional Systems Design process and treat it as a purely Behavioralist approach). This section also presents an excellent overview of the learning process. The book moves on to discuss methodologies and learning sequences at an unparalleled level, including a brilliant discussion of simulations and educational games. The book closes with an overview of an approach to Design and Development that's worth reading, but far less valuable than the previous sections. Of all my design books, this one has the most dog-eared pages and underlined text; the chapter-level bibliographies alone are worth the book's price! Anyone looking to delve deep into multimedia design for learning should have this book on his or her shelf.

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: More Eric Meyer on CSS (Voices That Matter)
Publisher: New Riders Press
Authors: Eric A. Meyer
Rating: 5/5
Customer opinion - 5 stars out of 5
Excellent Book!

This book is a definite plus for all people who have dabbled in table-free design but weren't quite ready to dive head first. If you are not familiar with basic CSS mark up, this book is not for you. If you wish to learn CSS from the ground up- see Christopher Schmitt's book "Designing CSS Web Pages" published by New Riders as well. Anyone who uses heavy javascript in their design will also find many streamlined CSS alternatives to that clunky code. "More Eric Meyer on CSS" starts off with a lesson on how to convert an existing table layout to cascading style sheets. I like the way Eric leads through the examples, every step in the code reveals possible browser conflicts. Lucky for us, he is able to supply the right workaround to make the pages compliant. Readers will also walk though styling a photo gallery, styling a financial report, `transparency layout', and many more. My favorite lessons were CSS-Driven Drop-Down Menus, Opening the Doors to Attractive Tabs, and Designing in the Garden. I have been a fan of the csszengarden site, and I had fun reaching the Zen Garden! Overall, this was a useful and comprehensive book. Eric Meyer has a simple way of presenting the lessons. None of the ten lessons he covers should take longer than one hour. He is obviously extremely knowledgeable in this field. His praise is well deserved. I personally plan on implementing these lessons on my personal site and those of future clients. The only flaw I found with this book was chapter 10's missing lesson file from the books website, this was alright, as a similar html file was supplied. It was definitely not enough to lower my perfect rating though.